Real Estate

Tomasi Bragar DuBay’s real estate team, led by Jennifer Bragar, can assist with the full range of real property transactions.   Our real estate practice ranges from transactions of bare land, to local counsel expertise on complex land deals that involve transition between uses, and where our land use expertise is essential to the deal.  Similarly, our deep experience in loan documentation enables our real estate team to advise on fair financing terms associated with property transactions.

In addition to real estate disposition, the team has extensive experience negotiating construction and access easements, conservation easements, boundary line adjustments, and other licenses.

The team, along with our litigation practice group also represents parties in negotiating lease terms, drafting lease agreements, modifications, subleases, and resolving any disputes arising from a commercial lease agreement.   Whether you are leasing retail space in an existing commercial development, or entering master lease agreements, we can assist with full range of negotiations to govern the long term arrangements for both landlords or tenants.  The Litigation team can also provide assistance with a variety of real estate legal actions, including quiet title, partition, and easement disputes.

In all of our transactional work, we advise our clients on a fair approach to many provisions to real estate agreements, and advocate on their behalf to protect important contractual and property rights in any engagement.  The parties to our transactional work are refreshed at our no-nonsense approach, making negotiations efficient and effective from the outset.